Supervised Independent Living Program (SILP)

The SILP program provides a resource for young women who have developed self-sufficiency skills and are ready to transition to a less restrictive environment. The program provides adult supervision, feedback and guidance as the youth transition to an agency operated apartment in the community. This enables the young woman to continue her education, acquire employment or attend job skills training in a supportive and therapeutic setting. Such support includes:

  • Case management and frequent contact with support workers.
  • Meeting all basic needs (food, clothing, shelter) through provision of stipends
  • Intensive support with independent living skills training to meet the youth’s individual needs
  • Parenting support & education to meet the individualized needs of the youth
  • Educational assistance
  • Assistance and support for medical care
  • Advocacy in all areas
  • Assessment and referral
  • Mentoring
  • Childcare services

Community Maternity Services

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